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BI Cardiology Information System(hereinafter refer to as “CIS”) gathers the data of Holter ECG, ABPM and even more devices from computers located in different hospitals or clinics via Internet, which enables the streamline of examination process and concentrated storage, management and share for tested data and report. CIS supports both LAN and WLAN, which facilitates the information construction and telemedicine.

1. Realize patient data transmission, storage, analysis, statistics and query by Internet and database technology;

2. Realize decentralized collection and centralized analysis of patients’ data between hospital and clinic, clinic and clinic by Internet;

3. Support Holter ECG, PC-ECG, Stress ECG, ABP, and other devices;

4. Support SCP-ECG, FDA-XML, HL7, DICOM, GDT, IEEE-1097;

5. Seamless connectivity to HIS/PACS.