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1)  Working on Linux Operation System, CPU 200Hz.

2)  Multi-parameter - ECG, NIBP (Suntech), SPO2(BCI), respiration, temperature and pulse rate.

3)  WLAN, GPRS and CDMA are used to transmit the patient´s information.

4)  Parameters can be modified by keyboard of monitor or through terminal software.

5)  Message sending/receiving and emergency alarm.

6)  3-lead ECG display with analysis of arrhythmia and ST segment and pacemaker detection.

7)  Weigh only 350g.

8)  Dimensions 130mm×96mm×39mm.


Introduction to MOBI system network

The MOBI system uses public network directly, which consists of WAN (Wide Area Network), LAN (Local Area Network), wireless LAN and such wireless networks as CDMA and GPRS.  It requires no special network construction. The MOBI monitor is embedded with TCP/IP network protocol stacks and a wireless communication module, both of which enable MOBI monitor to access the network as a device with an independent IP address. Working on Linux operation system, the MOBI system software has powerful capability of information processing and database management and fully utilizes network inter-connection to greatly improve work efficiency. MOBI works on Linux operation system, supporting internet protocols such as TCP/IP, 802.11b, GSM900/1800, GPRS and CDMA.


Application in hospital

With the installation of WLAN in hospital, ordinary wards can be upgraded monitoring easily to the standard of ICU or CCU to solve the problem of their shortage.

Based on the seamless networking technology, the monitor still keeps working during patient’s transportation and examinations.

The MOBI monitor’s advanced ambulatory measurement technology releases the patient from the wired restraints of traditional bedside monitors, enabling them to enjoy the free activities.

The MOBI monitor’s advanced ambulatory measurement technology releases the patient from the wired restraints of traditional bedside monitors, enabling them to enjoy the free activities.

Its powerful database management implements real information shared that more than 100-patient online monitor data and all archives can be read at any time by authorized users.


Application in Clinical Monitoring Information Systems

HIS (Hospital Information System) is still popular, among which PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System), LIS (Laboratory Information System), ORIS (Operation Room Information System), CPR (Computer-based Patient Records) and OIS (Out-hospital Information System) have already achieved great improvements in data management. Clinical monitoring information systems are just at the beginning. The MOBI system follows standard open network data interface structure so as to share information easily and flexibly. It provides an unprecedented platform to well realize the clinical monitoring information systems.


Application in Telemedicine

The MOBI monitor can wireless connect public networks, which shortens the time lag between patient and doctor, hospital and hospital, area and area. With the information transferred through the public network, experts can consult and diagnose without leaving their office.


Application in community healthcare and homecare

The MOBI system brings a new concept of home care. Those chronic patients or somebody who has private doctor can enjoy the relax monitoring in a comfortable home atmosphere via network connected with the powerful medical treatment resources of the hospital--all without leaving home!

It only requires a MOBI monitor, a wireless network access point (AP), a set of access devices to the network with dial-up function (ADSL, MODEM or special network access appliance).


Application in emergency, field hospital and scientific research

Because of its outstanding features: small, lightweight and wearable, rechargeable batteries for up to 24 hours continuous operation, LCD displaying 6 parameters, the MOBI monitor could be used as an independent monitor, suitable for the use in harsh environments without power, such as emergency, field hospitals, scientific research, etc.


Application in athlete´s scientific training

The MOBI system can be used to direct research and scientific training in both aspects of athlete´s physiology and psychology. At his training or competing, the athlete´s body status and stress levels could be characterized with such parameters as ECG, blood pressure and SPO2. The work could be done only with a MOBI monitor and a notebook PC, which transmits the athletes´ physiological information simultaneously from the training base to the athletics science research center via network for further analysis.


Standard Configuration

    1) BI 2000 monitor

    2) Patient cable integrated with 5 lead wires for ECG monitoring

    3) Blood presure cuff

    4) SPO2 sensor

    5) Temperature sensor

    6) Pouch & belt

    7) MOBI server software

    8) MOBI terminal software