TeleECG Analysis Software

With practical tools consisting of simultaneously 12-lead ECG acquiring, spectrum ECG *, HF ECG*, QTD*, HRV*, pacing ECG, VECG, TVCG*, VLP*, etc., TeleECG provides fast, precise and reliable interpret for physician's diagnosis.

Items with * are optional

TeleECG displays the averaged beat of up to all 12 leads and marks the wave points, which are revisable. A system evaluation, based on tabular measurement values, is automatically created on this interface.

TeleECG supports automatic and manual operation. In the former mode, the ECG acquisition automatically stops after reaching preset time span and interprets. In the manual mode, it continues recording up to 10 hours.

The comprehensive patient case management supports quick retrieve, query or combined query, delete, modification, backup, restore and update.

TeleECG automatically detects lead placements. Misplaced leads can be corrected manually by physicians.

TeleECG offers different ECG display modes, manual adjustable wave points and Jargon helper for quick diagnosis.