AEEG Analysis Software


1)  A fast Intel Pentium processor and Windows multi-job operating system.

2)  The EEG data can be rapidly reviewed, to which can be added patient events and doctors explanation.

3)  The setting of frequency parameter of the digital filter, the EEG data running speed and the scale amplitude.

4)  On-line measurement of the parameters such as the wave amplitude, frequency and duration.

5)  Adjustable 15-90 times reviewing speed.

6)  Switching between the EEG unipolar and bipolar leads.

7)  Used for Ambulatory EEG and sleep analysis.

The MB8500/8000 AEEG system is an effective means for epilepsy examination. The AEEG recorder can be carried by the examine all the day. In such a way, the electro-cerebral activity of the accidental transient cerebral barrier can be reproduced, so as to determine the ralations between the onset and the environment, time,external causes and personal condition. Besides, MB AEEG has a wide range of applications, such as those in the evalution of the pharmacotherapeutic effect, sleep analysis, infantile nerve block, and oher clinical researches.

Minimum System Requirements:

1)  Intel Pentium 2.6 GHz or above

2)  2GB free space on hard drive

3)  512 MB RAM or above

4)  Minimum screen resolution 1024*768

5)  2 free USB ports

6)  Compact flash reader

7)  CD/RW Drive