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Memorabilia of Biomedical InstrumentsBI)】

In the year of 2018
BI launched 30 days’ waterproof Holter recorder with advanced features.

In the year of 2016

BI released Ambulatory Blood Pressure System(TeleABP), which is an easy-to-use 24h( up to 72h) blood pressure monitor.


In the year of 2015

Biomedical Instruments launch TeleECG, a 3-in-1 PC ECG workstation that implement resting ECG, Holter ECG and stress ECG.


In the year of  2014

Biomedical Instruments was honored as the national technical innovation enterprise.


In the year of 2013

BI launched Cardiology Information System("CIS"), which provided a complete range of solutions, such as those for hospital information management, telemedicine, mobile health, telemetry, community health and home health.


In the year of 2012

BI released the latest generation of smart Holter recorder, which employed an original technique for self-adapting intelligent pacemaker pulse detection and the pacemaker analysis algorithm, enabling the assessment and analysis of the dual-chamber pacemaker (DDD) and the frequency-adaptive pacemaker (DDDR).


In the year of 2011

BI became the exclusive agent in northern China for the Oscar2 ambulatory blood pressure monitor from SunTech U.S., the leader in NIBP technology of the world;


In the year of 2010

BI provided OEM Holter recorders, Holter analysis software and BI ECG algorithm for several leading companies in Holter business;


In the year of 2007

BI released Mini Holter recorder, which is a (12-Lead/3-Channel) two-in-one combo with a 128 × 64 dots LCD display, having a size of 

68mm× 53mm ×16mm, weighing 42 grams, powered by one AAA battery, and supporting 7 days continuous recording.

BI became the exclusive agent in southern China for ABPM6100 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor from Welch Allyn U.S


In the year of 2005

BI introduced the wireless multi-parameter monitoring system, a six-in-one system covering the ECG, NIBP, SPO2, respiration, pulse and temperature, which is powered by batteries and weighs 300 grams.


In the year of 2000

BI launched China´s first domestically-developed 12-lead Holter recorder, and China´s first domestically-developed 16-channel ambulatory EEG Recorder.


In the year of 1996

BI made China´s first 3 channel Holter recorder with flash card available.


In the year of 1994

BI launched the world´s first quasi-static RAM 8-channel ambulatory EEG recorder with the largest capacity then and AEEG analysis software.


In the year of 1993

BI founded and launched the world´s first the quasi-static RAM 3-channel Holter recorder with the largest capacity then and Holter analysis software.