Mini Holter Recorder

Highlight Features:

Recording: 12- or 3-channel ECG

Compact size: 68 mm × 53 mm × 16 mm

Operating time: Up to 2 days

Sampling rate: Up to 512 Hz / 16 bit

Display: LCD, 128×64 dot matrix

Storage medium: Removable SD card

Data transfer: Hi-Speed USB, Card reader

Pacemaker detection: Yes


Compact Size, Light Weight

68mm × 53mm × 16mm

42 grams (battery not included)

Fully Programmable, High Fidelity, Research Grade Performance

Sample rate up to 512 samples per second

No data compression

8, 10, 12 or 16 bit resolution


3 or 8, bipolar or unipolar channels, automatic selection via patient cable

Available Patient Cable

4 leads, 3 bipolar channels(CH1=CM5, CH2=CC5, CH3=CM5R)*

5 leads, 3 bipolar channels(CH1=CM5, CH2=aVF, CH3=lead II)*

5 leads, 3 unipolar channels (CH1+, CH2+, CH3+, COM-, RL)

7 leads, 3 independent bipolar channels(CH1±, CH2±, CH3±, RL)*

10 leads(Einthoven, Goldberger, Wilson leads)

Lower Power Consumption

Powered by single AAA battery

24h, 48h of full disclosure

Removable SD Card

2GB records up to 48 hours of 12-channel ECG

128 × 64 Dot Matrix LCD Display

Visual confirmation of patient hook up

Provides on demand ECG review of all channels

Confirms programming instructions before recording

Programmable Pacemaker Detection

Real time detection and display of pacemaker pulse

Multi-languages Available

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