Smart Holter Recorder

Highlight Features

Recording: 12-lead or 3-channel ECG

Compact size: 72 mm × 55 mm × 16 mm

Operating time: Up to 2 days

Sampling rate: Up to 512 Hz/16 bit

Display: LCD, 128 × 64 dot matrix

Storage medium: Removable SD card

Data transfer: Hi-Speed USB, Card reader

Pacemaker detection: Yes



●Compact Size, Light Weight

72mm × 55mm × 16mm

Approx. 49 grams (battery not included)

●Fully Programmable, High Fidelity, Research Grade Performance

Sample rate up to 512 samples per second

No data compression

8, 10, 12 or 16 bit resolution


3 or 8, bipolar or unipolar channels, automatic selection via patient cable

●Availabe Patient Cable

  4 leads, 3 bipolar channels(CH1=CM5, CH2=CC5, CH3=CM5R)*

  5 leads, 3 bipolar channels(CH1=CM5, CH2=aVF, CH3=lead II)*

  5 leads, 3 unipolar channels (CH1+, CH2+, CH3+, COM-, RL)

  7 leads, 3 independent bipolar channels(CH1±, CH2±, CH3±, RL)*

  10 leads(Einthoven, Goldberger, Wilson leads)

●Lower Power Consumption

Powered by single AAA battery

24h, 48h of full disclosure

●Removable SD Card

2GB records up to 48 hours of 12-channel ECG

●128 × 64 Dot Matrix LCD Display

Visual confirmation of patient hook up

Provides on demand ECG review of all channels Confirms programming instructions before recording

●Programmable Pacemaker Detection

Real time detection and display of pacemaker pulse

●Multi-languages Available

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